Welcome to Fishing Thailand

As a young boy growing up in California I was fishing crazy.  Multiple trips per week were the norm.  Then as I got older and busier the time between trips got longer. Eventually I ended up in Bangkok and took a trip to Bungsamran fishing park with a friend. It was exciting to catch such large fish, but as any true angler knows catching is only half the fun. The real enjoyment in hauling in a monster catch is knowing that it was not stuck in a small pond just waiting to be hooked and reeled in. The true sport of fishing is only revealed when it is man against beast in its natural environment and all the challenges that come with luring and landing a wild fish from the depths of the unknown. This website is dedicated to those anglers who take pride in knowing that the fish they catch have been there for generations, year after year with little or no influence from humans.

After getting back into fishing I came to realize that there is little, if any, English language information on wild fishing in Thailand. The web is filled with info on fishing parks or guides ready to take you to a stocked pond to catch the trophy of your dreams. This is by no means the type of fishing that truly rewards the angler when they finally hook that big one. I started this website to get the information out about all the natural places to find fish in Thailand and which baits, methods and tactics work for each species.

Keep checking back for more updates and reports as well as a bait and tackle shop directory.


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