Sitting here at my desk on a Friday at 2:15pm waiting for one last meeting before I can “get the hell outta Dodge”.  The itch has got me again and I am dreaming about sitting on that pier along the banks of the Chao Phraya river soaking some bait in an attempt to catch a nice catfish or two.  Everything looks good, high tide is at 7:34pm and the gear is already packed and waiting for me at home.  The plan is to hit the bait shop, stock up on ram and worms, then go home, change and hit the road.  Getting on the water just after sunset in perfect time to let the last of the light drain away into night.

To me there is nothing quite like a good night fishing trip.  As a kid I always had this idea that the bigger fish came out at night and maybe its not a myth after all. Certainly the fish bite better during low light conditions and generally speaking it is a whole lot more pleasant to be out on a cool evening than baking in the tropical sun.  Maybe it is the sense of the unknown that brings a bit more thrill to the night fishing experience. Or maybe it just brings me back to the days when i would go camping and spend all night next to the river with a campfire to keep me warm and a fishing pole to keep me company.  Either way it is one of those things that keeps me going all week long through the stress of the day to day grind.  I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as I get out on the water and drown some worms.


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