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Favorite Fishing Blogs

With so many fishing blogs on the internet today it is easy to get lost in the large amount of information.  Today I will narrow down the selection by giving you a short list of the blogs I read or follow so that you can enjoy them as well. Continue reading Favorite Fishing Blogs


Catch More Fish…Period : 10 Tips For Landing a Lunker

Fishing is an enjoyable activity for most folks regardless of catching or not.  It’s often just nice to get out on the water away from the hectic lives we live today.  That being said, it is always rewarding to hook into a big lunker and make your fishing trip that much better.

I have compiled a list of tips below to help you get started on your hunt for the big one, that hopefully, doesn’t get away. Continue reading Catch More Fish…Period : 10 Tips For Landing a Lunker

The Fishing Shack

Fishing Hole

Recently, I have been unable to post due to being busy with work and other life obligations, so I’ve decided to do a short entry on a local fishing hole I frequent during low tide.  This spot is situated on the Chao Phraya river near Charoen Rat in Bangkok. This is one of my favorite places to fish due to it being largely unknown apart from a few locals who stop by regularly.  It is located deep down along one of the many klongs located throughout Bangkok and unless you know where you are going it is easy to overlook. Continue reading The Fishing Shack