Catch More Fish…Period : 10 Tips For Landing a Lunker

Fishing is an enjoyable activity for most folks regardless of catching or not.  It’s often just nice to get out on the water away from the hectic lives we live today.  That being said, it is always rewarding to hook into a big lunker and make your fishing trip that much better.

I have compiled a list of tips below to help you get started on your hunt for the big one, that hopefully, doesn’t get away.

1. Determine your target species.

Narrow in on the type of fish you would like to catch and match your bait and rigging to suit.

2. Fish during low light conditions.

Fish like to hunt and forage for food in the early mornings and evenings when their prey is less likely to be alerted to their presence.  This also applies to days that are overcast.

3. Fish on or around structure.

It’s no secret that fish are predators and need places to hide.  Use this to your advantage when selecting a fishing spot.  Look for submerged trees, rocks and other things that will provide cover for fish or their prey.

4. Use live bait.

Don’t get caught up in using the newest fancy lure or contraption.  Keep it simple with a sliding sinker or peg a float with worms, minnows or cut bait for great results.

5. Do your research.

Check the internet, go to bait shops, ask around and talk to other fisherman to see what they are doing to catch fish.

6. Plan your trips around the weather.

Fish are sensitive to changes in the weather, especially coming rains and low barometric pressure.  Fishing always seems to be better ahead of a cold front or when a storm is on the horizon

7. Pay attention to wildlife activity.

If you are seeing a lot of activity from birds in the area or bait fish are active on the top of the water, try to match your presentation or change to topwater lures or shallow diving baits to get the attention of fish.

8. Be patient.

Do you remember as a kid wanting to check your bait every 5 minutes because you were sure there was a fish?  I do. As you grow older, and hopefully smarter, you need to remember to let the bait sit for at least thirty minutes to an hour in order to let the scent disperse and allow the fish to find your bait.

9. Don’t be afraid to move or change spots.

Granted this should not be done every 30 minutes, if you are fishing for a few hours with no bites head down river or walk to a different spot in the lake.

10. Use good quality equipment.

OK,let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a $500 rod and $650 reel to go fishing your first time.  You should however make sure that you are using good line in a weight that is matched to the fish you are targeting.  More importantly use sharp hooks like Gamakatsu or Owner to ensure that you have the best chance of catching fish when they do bite.

I hope that this article gives you some ideas or new perspectives which you can use to your advantage on your next fishing trip.  Let me know if you have any other tips in the comments below. Tight lines.


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