The Fishing Shack

Fishing Hole

Recently, I have been unable to post due to being busy with work and other life obligations, so I’ve decided to do a short entry on a local fishing hole I frequent during low tide.  This spot is situated on the Chao Phraya river near Charoen Rat in Bangkok. This is one of my favorite places to fish due to it being largely unknown apart from a few locals who stop by regularly.  It is located deep down along one of the many klongs located throughout Bangkok and unless you know where you are going it is easy to overlook.

The species in this area are predominatly walking catfish (ปลาดุก), and a type of sheatfish, which I am unsure of the name in English, but in Thai it is called pla saiyoo(ปลาสายยู).  There are other common species as well found here but the only two I have seen caught so far were those mentioned above.

Baits which I have used or seen used here successfully are worms, bread, and white cockroaches.  The most common rig is a sliding sinker setup with a size 2 or 4 octopus circle hook.  I like to use about 1-2 ounces with a 24″ leader attached, depending on the conditions.  I have tried spring feeder rigs with little success as the current can get quite strong here during tide swings and will simply wash the bread away.

Fishing ShackThis is the makeshift hut that some locals have constructed out of salvaged wood, tarps, and what appears to be an old truck bedliner as a sunshade for the afternoon sun which can be rather intense.  It’s not much to look at but it does the trick while waiting for the fish to bite.  Often the simplest solutions are the best and this is no different, looking like something out of the Swiss Family Robinson films, its a great retreat for a morning on the river.

Walking Catfish

Finally, I will leave you with a picture of the first fish of the new year.  This is a walking catfish caught on worms at 6:30am on Jan 1, 2015.  Happy New Year and good luck with all of your fishing adventures in the future.


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