VIP Fishing Park

Types of Fish: Pla Krapong (Barramundi), Pla Gao (Grouper)

Type of Fishing: Lure Fishing Only

Facilities : VIP has 3 separate ponds for lure fishing.  Two are identical size at about 80x100m each.  The third is long and narrow at about 150x20m.  They have a small restaurant where they will cook your fish and other Thai dishes and snacks can be purchased.

Location: Pracha Uthit Road Soi 90, Thung Khru, Bangkok,10140

Operating hours: 7am-7pm

Contact information: +66 819320711

Price: Price per rod is 150 baht which includes 2kg of fish to take home.

Description: Interesting place to fish.  Seems to get a bit crowded on the weekends but overall quite fun.  The catch rate is fairly high.  I caught 3 fish the first time out.  Most people were catching more than myself.  I’m sure with a bit of practice the numbers will improve.


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